Donna Cheryl Brown, Fine Art
Painter, contemporary style - acrylic, oil, cold wax, mixed media.
Expressive abstracte portrait and figurative works, still life, abstracts, landscapes, trees.
Sassy Tree Studio, Desert Lake, Ontario


(posted on 15 Oct 2020)

I have been inspired for months now, painting to express Unity. Since March I haven't been able to paint much, perhaps due to Covid-19 and feeling the world doesn't really need another painting. Luckily, I heard about a show where a theme of unity was chosen. (N3XT, to be held at The Arts and Letters Club in Toronto) I began working on the theme in July, and have done so many paintings. It was good to have a focus, something I wanted to express. When I think of Unity I think of people. I think of the human race and connection between people. I also wanted to show Canada as a country where we are united, caring and accepting of all. I reached a goal of having so many understand my feelings - someone saw my painting 'From Sea to Sea to Sea' and said it made her proud to be Canadian.