Donna Cheryl Brown, SCA
Painter, contemporary style- acrylic, oil, cold wax, mixed media.
Still life, abstracts, landscapes, trees, portraits.
Sassy Tree Studios, Desert Lake, Ontario


(posted on 15 Jan 2019)

Finally, I am feeling free again and having fun with my painting practice. Experimenting, and really getting involved in what I am doing. Best of all, I have several more weeks in which I can spend a lot of time in my studio. We leave on our next trip on February 6th so I will paint most days until then. Feeling inspired! I am getting so involved that while I work there is no thought, only feeling. My current focus is inspired by the beautiful natural world - and by the spiritual world as well. 

I'm writing this blog so I can go back to it when I start to think about the product and focus on trying too hard and thinking too much. I need to remind myself that I paint for the joy of painting.