Donna Cheryl Brown, Fine Art
Painter, contemporary style - acrylic, oil, cold wax, mixed media.
Expressive abstracted portrait and figurative works, still life, abstracts, landscapes, trees.
Sassy Tree Studio, Desert Lake, Ontario
2 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021 Undaunted Category: Show/Exhibit Price: Free Venue: Window Art Gallery, Princess Street, Kingston, ON, Canada
My painting was chosen for the poster.

‘From Sea To Sea to Sea' 18" x 24" Framed

There were 4 months following the Covid-19 lock-down in March of 2020 when I didn’t have any motivation to paint. It didn’t seem important enough. What could I contribute that would be worthwhile in these strange troublesome times?
Then, in June, a friend told me about an upcoming juried show to be held at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. The theme was Unity. I started to think about unity and what it meant to me. I started to paint with excitement, producing a whole series, painting daily and thinking about unity all the time. I was free again to paint with enthusiasm - undaunted.
This particular painting developed after I thought about unity in Canada. I am proud to be Canadian. I think Canadians are people who care about each other and stand in unity, no matter what differences we may have. I tried to portray this by making a stylized map of Canada with various people superimposed on the map - friends, family, and strangers -all connected.
108 paintings were accepted in this nationwide competition.
This painting was chosen as one of the 10 Best in Show.